Standardized type names used throughout Acacian

#include acnstdtypes.h

Type definitions for fixed size types used in acacian including booleans.

These are all standard types in ISO C99 defined in standard headers.  If your compiler library appear ISO C99 compliant then the standard headers are included and it should just work.

If you have a non-standard setup, there are various options in order of preference:

  • Your system may have the necessary headers anyway despite appearing non-compliant.  Try defining HAVE_INT_TYPES_H which will attempt to include those headers.
  • If your compiler/library includes limits.h then this header will include typefromlimits.h which deduces and defines the necessary types from there.
  • As a last resort define CF_USER_INTTYPES and create your own header user_types.h to define the necessary types – look at typefromlimits.h for guidance.