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#include “acn.h”
Macros like ARRAYSIZE() and container_of() adhere to syntax and definitions encountered in many systems and are only defined here if there is not a definition already in force.
Miscellaneous routines and macros for IPv4 – and soon IPv6 – protocols
Generic handling for single and double linked lists.
These macros loosely follow syslog syntax but the loglevel is tested at compile time and outputs compile to nothing if the loglevel is not high enough.
All code uses functions or macros defined here to allocate memory.
These constants represent requirements defined in standard documents of ANSI E1.17
#include acnstdtypes.h
Functions to handle specific DDL behaviors.
Utilities for management of local and remote components
Simple demonstration controller application.
Simple demonstration DDL tree print.
DDL parser
Device Description for simple Acacian demo device.
Utilities common to multiple demo programs.
Header for demo_utils.c
Simple demonstration device application.
Utilities for SLP (Service Location Protocol) as specified in epi19
DMP (Device Management Protocol) functions and API
Device Management Protocol
DMP address and property handling.
DMP address and property mapping
DMX512 and E1.31 access in DDL descriptions
E1.31 sACN (streaming ACN) macros and functions
Implementation of E1.31 treaming protocol (sACN)
Simple event loop and timer inplementation
Basic event and timing loop for Acacian
Acacian configuration for expat when it is built-in.
Utilities to find our own IP addresses
Header for getip.c
String pool and hash table utilities adapted from those in expat XML parser.
Mapgen generates the address map and property tables for an ACN device from its DDL description.
Copy native data types and structures into and out of network packets
Multicast Address allocation in accordance with EPI-10.
Header for mcastalloc.c
Header used co generate prog-cfg.mak summary of configuration in Makefile format.
Networking macros and functions for BSD sockets interface
Parser for DDL (Device Description Language)
Utility to display the property tree generated by the DDL parser.
DDL property tree printer
XML Property extensions.
Random numbers are used in ACN occasionally.
Declarations and macros for pseudo random numbers.
Resolve a UUID into a DDL file
UUID to DDL file resolver.
ACN Root Layer Protocol and Networking Interface
Implementation of ACN route layer protocol on BSD sockets API including Operating System and Stack dependent networking functions.
Received data context.
Implementation of SDT (Session Data Transport) protocol
Implementation of SDT (Session Data Transport) protocol
Convert binary t o hexadecimal strings
Manipulation and tracking of UUIDs
UUID conversion, handling and tracking