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static struct uuidtrk_s * _finduuid(struct uuidset_s *set,
const uint8_t *uuid)
Find the tree entry where uuid should go.
int _flushWrapper(struct txwrap_s *txwrap,
int32_t *Rseqp)
void * add_devtask(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
devtask_fn *task,
size_t size)
Add a task (during parsing) for execution once the entire tree has been constructed but before returning it to the caller.
static inline int addLcomponent(struct Lcomponent_s *Lcomp)
Add a local component to Lcomponents.
int addMember(struct Lchannel_s *Lchan,
struct Rcomponent_s *Rcomp)
Create a new member and add it to a channel and send a cold Join.
int addProtoMsg(struct txwrap_s **txwrapp,
struct member_s *memb,
protocolID_t proto,
uint16_t wflags,
const uint8_t *data,
int size)
static struct addrfind_s * addr_to_map(union addrmap_u *amap,
uint32_t addr)
Given an address, search the map for a property which might match.
const struct dmpprop_s * addr_to_prop(union addrmap_u *amap,
uint32_t addr)
Find a property given an address.
int addr2ofs(const struct dmpprop_s *dprop,
struct adspec_s *dmpads,
struct adspec_s *ofsads)
Convert a DMP address specifier to a property array offset.
static inline int addRcomponent(struct Rcomponent_s *Rcomp)
Add a remote component to Rcomponents.
extern int adduuid(struct uuidset_s *set,
const uint8_t *uuid)
Adds uuid to the set (storing the pointer uuid).
void behaviorsetID_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void binObject_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
static void bset_start(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const ddlchar_t **atta)
Process a behaviorset.
static inline void c_putfooter(void)
Print the closing text of the generated .c file.
static void c_putheader(const char *dcidstr,
const char **headers)
Print the opening text of the generated .c file
void cancelWrapper(struct txwrap_s *txwrap)
Cancel a txwrap
static void cd_sdtev(int event,
void *object,
void *info)
Callback function to handle out of band events from the SDT layer.
typedef struct Lchannel_s *chanOpen_fn(
   ifMC(struct Lcomponent_s *Lcomp,) struct chanParams_s *params
Callback function (registered in sdt_register as joinRx) to handle unsolicited Join requests.
void CID_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
typedef void clientRx_fn(struct member_s *memb,
const uint8_t *data,
int length,
void *cookie)
Callback function (registered in<sdt_addClient>) to handle received client protocol data.
void closeChannel(struct Lchannel_s *Lchan)
Close a channel removing all members if necessary.
void constant_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void cyclic_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void DCID_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
static char * dcid_lit(uint8_t *dcid,
char *buf)
Convert a UUID (DCID) to a C literal which compiles to a binary array.
struct ddlprop_s * ddlref(struct rootdev_s *root,
struct ddlprop_s *pp,
const ddlchar_t *path)
Trace a DDL property cross reference using xml IDs and the syntax specified in the DDL spec.
static void ddltree(char **bpp)
Print the property tree of the specified device.
static int disconnectAll(struct Lchannel_s *Lchan,
uint8_t reason)
void discover(void)
Call openSLP to discover available acn.esta services.
void dmp_abortblock(struct dmptcxt_s *tcxt)
Reset the pointers for the block and forget any accumulated data.
void dmp_closeblock(struct dmptcxt_s *tcxt)
Close the accumulated PDU block for the transmit context.
void dmp_closeflush(struct dmptcxt_s *tcxt,
uint8_t *nxtp)
Close the current PDU then close and flush all accumulated blocks.
void dmp_closepdu(struct dmptcxt_s *tcxt,
uint8_t *nxtp)
Close and finalize the previously opened PDU
void dmp_flushpdus(struct dmptcxt_s *tcxt)
Flush (transmit) the transmit context.
int dmp_newblock(struct dmptcxt_s *tcxt,
int *size)
Allocate and open a new DMP PDU block for the given transmit context.
uint8_t *dmp_openpdu(struct dmptcxt_s *tcxt,
uint16_t vecnrange,
struct adspec_s *ads,
int size)
Open a new PDU with the message type and address format given by vecnrange.
int dmp_register(ifMC(struct Lcomponent_s *Lcomp))
Register a local component for DMP access.
void dmp_sdtRx(struct member_s *memb,
const uint8_t *pdus,
int blocksize,
void *ref)
This is a callback function which must be passed to SDT to have Acacian’s DMP code parse and handle incoming DMP.
void dmp_truncatepdu(struct dmptcxt_s *tcxt,
uint32_t count,
uint8_t *nxtp)
Truncate and close the current PDU at a smaller size/count than specified when it was opened.
static void dmpconnect(char **bpp)
Open a DMP connection to the specified device.
static void dodiscover()
Initiate SLP discovery.
static void dosubscribe(char **bpp,
bool subs)
Construct and send a subscribe message.
void drop_member(struct member_s *memb,
uint8_t reason)
Drop a member from both its channels.