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int sdt_addClient(ifMC(struct Lcomponent_s *Lcomp,) clientRx_fn *rxfn,
void *cookie)
Register a client protocol with SDT.
void sdt_deregister(ifMC(struct Lcomponent_s *Lcomp))
De-register a component from SDT.
sdt_dropClient(ifMC(struct Lcomponent_s *Lcomp))
De-register a client protocol from the SDT layer.
int sdt_register(ifMC(struct Lcomponent_s *Lcomp,) memberevent_fn *membevent,
netx_addr_t *adhocip,
chanOpen_fn *joinRx)
int sendWrap(struct member_s *memb,
protocolID_t proto,
uint16_t wflags,
const uint8_t *data,
int size)
void setbvflg(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
enum netflags_e flags)
Set property flags.
static void setintprop(struct member_s *mbr,
const struct dmpprop_s *dprop,
struct adspec_s *ofs,
uint32_t pval)
Send a set property command for an integer property.
void setlang(const ddlchar_t **ltags)
static void setprop(char **bpp)
Read the command line property and value specification then call setintprop or setstringprop to set the value.
void setptype(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
enum proptype_e type,
unsigned int sizes)
Set encoding type
static void setstringprop(struct member_s *mbr,
const struct dmpprop_s *dprop,
struct adspec_s *ofs,
char *str,
int len)
Send a set property command for a string property.
static int showprops(struct dmprcxt_s *rcxt,
const uint8_t *bp)
Callback function which sisplay the properties received in a get property reply or event message.
void slp_deregister(ifMC(struct Lcomponent_s *Lcomp))
De-register a local component with SLP service agent.
int slp_register(ifMC(struct Lcomponent_s *Lcomp))
Register (or re-register) a local component for advertisement by SLP service agent.
static FILE * src_outf(const char *fname,
const char *dcidstr)
Open a file for source code output.
struct txwrap_s *startMemberWrapper(struct member_s *memb,
int size,
uint16_t wflags)
uint8_t * startProtoMsg(struct txwrap_s **txwrapp,
void *dest,
protocolID_t proto,
uint16_t wflags,
int *sizep)
Initialize the next message block in the wrapper
struct txwrap_s * startWrapper(int size)
Create and initialize a txwrap.
int str2uuid(const char *uuidstr,
uint8_t *uuid)
Parse a UUID string and optionally convert to binary UUID
static void term_event(uint32_t evf,
void *evptr)
Input has arrived from the terminal.
static inline int testbit(const uint8_t *uuid,
uuidtst_t tstloc)
Return 1 if the bit from uuid defined by tstloc is set, 0 if clear.
static int tokmatchofs(const ddlchar_t *str,
const struct allowtok_s *allowed)
static tok_t tokmatchtok(const ddlchar_t *str,
const struct allowtok_s *allowed)
void type_bitmap_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_boolean_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_char_UTF_16_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_char_UTF_32_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_char_UTF_8_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_enum_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_fixBinob_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_float_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_sint_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_string_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_uint_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void type_varBinob_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
void uacn_change(const uint8_t *dp,
int size)
Change the value of our UACN.
void uacn_close()
Call after a component is de-registered
void uacn_init(const char *cidstr)
Initialize our UACN from a file.
extern int unlinkuuid(struct uuidset_s *set,
const uint8_t *uuid)
Removes uuid from the set
void URI_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
static void usage(bool fail)
Print a usage message and exit.
void UUID_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
char * uuid2str(const uint8_t *uuid,
char *uuidstr)
generate a UUID string Return a pointer to start of string String is fixed length CID_STR_SIZE (including Nul terminator) e.g.
void volatile_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)