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 Operating system(and stack)
 Option Details
 PDU flags
 PDU vector codes
 Platform Sockets and Multicast Notes
 Property encoding behaviors
 Property flag behaviors
 Protocol Identifiers
 Protocol Names
void ofs2addr(const struct dmpprop_s *dprop,
struct adspec_s *ofsads,
struct adspec_s *dmpads)
Convert a property array offset to a DMP address specifier.
struct Lchannel_s *openChannel(
   ifMC(struct Lcomponent_s *Lcomp,) uint16_t flags,
   struct chanParams_s *params
Create and initialize a new channel.
int openddlx(ddlchar_t *name)
Open a ddl file or exit on failure.
int openpath(const char *path,
const char *name,
const char *exts)
Generic function that searches a path for a filename with one of a set of extensions.
Currently only linux is supported but we define some configuration options to bracket OS dependent code.
void ordered_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
Mask to extract parameter flags
Parser for DDL (Device Description Language)
struct rootdev_s * parseroot(const char *name)
Parse the root device of a component.
Flags for PDU flag and length field.
From SDT spec Table 3.
Event, range address + one value per address
Event, single address + value
Get Property, range address (no values)
Get Property, single address (no values)
Get Property Fail, range address + common reason
Get Property Fail, range address + one reason per address
Get Property Fail, single address + reason
Get property reply, range address + one value per address
Get property reply, single address + value
Set property, range address + common value
Set Property, range address + one value per address
Set Property, single address + value
Set Property Fail, range address + common reason
Set Property Fail, range address + one reason per address
Set Property Fail, single address + reason
Subscribe Accept, range address (no values)
Subscribe Accept, single address (no values)
Subscribe Reject, range address + common reason
Subscribe Reject, range address + one reason per address
Subscribe Reject, single address + reason
Subscribe, range address (no values)
Subscribe, single address (no values)
Sync Event, range address + one value per address
Sync Event, single address + value
Unsubscribe, range address (no values)
Unsubscribe, single address (no values)
void persistent_bva(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const struct bv_s *bv)
May already be defined in yout programming enironment.
static void pprop_start(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const ddlchar_t **atta)
Start tag for property or pseudo property (includedev, propertypointer)
static void printindxmap(struct indx_amap_s *imap)
Print an addrmap structure in the direct index map format (indx_amap_s).
static void printprops(struct ddlprop_s *prop)
Recursively walk the property tree printing each property.
static void printsrchmap(struct srch_amap_s *smap)
Print an addrmap structure in the generic search map format (srch_amap_s).
static void printtests(struct srch_amap_s *smap)
Print the extra array of property pointers needed where multiple properties interleave in an address range.
Utility to display the property tree generated by the DDL parser.
DDL property tree printer
static int prop_wrapup(struct dcxt_s *dcxp)
Call after initial elements within property (label, behavior, value, protocol) but before children or included properties.
Behaviors that define basic property encodings {integer, string, etc.}
The dmp property structure includes flags for access permissions read, write and event.
XML Property extensions.
static bool propmatch(const struct dmpprop_s *p,
uint32_t addr)
Test whether an address matches a property.
const char * propname(struct ddlprop_s *pp,
enum pname_flags_e flags)
Generate a property name derived from its xml ID if it has one, otherwise from its property number which is its position in document order.
static void propref_start(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
const ddlchar_t **atta)
EPI16 defines the method for registration of ACN protocol identifiers including both numeric codes as used on the wire in ACN PDUs and text names as used in discovery.
void queue_module(struct dcxt_s *dcxp,
tok_t modtype,
const ddlchar_t *name,
void *ref)
Add a DDL module to the queue for future processing.